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Read the Pope Francis Interview!

Pope Francis gave an exclusive interview to Antonio Spadaro, SJ.  It is a long interview that you can read here, but it is worth it to get a better sense of of what his vision is for the Church and the world.

It is important to read the article in its entirety, and not glean from the media alone what is going on.  The press has consistently sought to pit Pope Francis against Pope Benedict.  It is very upsetting that anyone would set two popes against each other, particularly when Pope Francis himself has spoken so highly of Pope Benedict.  We must be very discerning to find out the truth of what the Holy Father is saying, and be wary of the media’s spinning of it all.

 If you want some lucid commentary on all this that comes from intelligent Catholics, and not those who have an agenda against the Church, please see the following:


In reading the actual interview without the irresponsible media hype, and without the absurd Benedict vs. Francis foolishness, you may learn more about the Holy Father and our Catholic faith.


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