Guild of Our Lady and St Gianna

On the Fifth Sunday of Lent 2013, Father Smith inaugurated the Guild of Our Lady and St Gianna at the Solemn Mass. Some 60 girls received the blessing of missionaries adapted from the Book of Blessings. In their white dresses, symbolizing the purity of their Baptism as children of God, they received from his hand a sash, made of blue satin for their devotion to Our Lady and trimmed in lace, a symbol of the beauty of the heavenly liturgy.

The Aims of the Guild

The principal aim of the Guild of Our Lady and Saint Gianna is simple: to make saints!

The other aims of the Guild are as follows:

1. To sanctify the young women of the parish by giving them an opportunity to pray and learn more about their faith.

2. To help the members fall in love with Jesus, the Prince of Peace, principally through their active participation in the Sacred Liturgy.

3. To teach the members how to pray the Mass as the center of their spiritual lives.

4. To form young women to be virtuous and courageous leaders in the heart of the Church.

5. To give young women an opportunity to develop leadership skills by nurturing the feminine genius within.

6. To integrate the members into the liturgical life of the parish by public thanksgiving after Mass and participating in processions and devotions.

7. To raise up young women to have a maternal heart of service in the heart of the Church.

Read more about our Guild here: Guild of Our Lady and St Gianna

If you have a daughter interested in joining this special group, please fill out the contact form.


1 April 2017, Middle School Building, 3-4:30p

7 May 2017, Middle School Building, 4-5.30p

11 June 2017, Middle School Building, 4-5.30p



9 April 2017 Palm Sunday 10a Inside 12N Outside Church

13 April 2017 Maundy Thursday 7p Inside Church

16 April 2017 Easter Sunday 10a Inside Church

25 April 2017 St Mark Rogation Mass

7 May 2017 May Crowning Procession

4 June 2017 Pentecost Sunday 10a inside Church

TBD Corpus Christi

15 August 2017 Assumption Procession with Consecration to the BVM

TBD Opening of School Marian Procession and Blessing of School outside


Grammer School Age: White Dresses with Sash
Middle School Age: White & Blue or Appropriate Attire with Sash
High School Age: Appropriate Attire with Sash

Here are some websites that have very nice and relatively inexpensive for white dresses:
Burlington Coat Factory

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