Parish Master Plan

On 17 May 2015 we had our Presentation of the Parish Master Plan.  I am grateful to all who came out to learn and ask questions about our future.  The plan is a result of a two year collaborative effort with Macmillan-Pazdan-Smith Architects of Greenville.  A few drawings can be seen in the narthex to get a clearer picture of the site plan.  For those of you who came, and for those of you who were unable to make it, I just wanted to give you a recap of what we are looking at.

We have funds on hand to complete the first phase.  The money for the parish portion of the phase is coming from extraordinary gifts to the parish that we have kept on hold.  The money for the school portion of the phase is coming from, in part, these extraordinary gifts to the parish, as well as the fundraising the school has already done through the annual POPArt Party.  We hope to begin implementing Phase I this fall.

Benefits of Phase I

 In Phase I, we are immediately able to address the vast majority of the needs identified during the Parish Master Planning Process for the parish.  We also will be able to provide adequate space for St Vincent de Paul.  We will provide space for the school’s immediate needs by a combination of a temporary building and the first part of a new school building.  We will be able to do all of this with funds already on hand, and still keep a reserve of around $150,000 in the parish savings budget.

Phase I – (0-2 years)

 Included in Phase I are the following:

– St Vincent de Paul will be moved from its present location in a closet of Croghan Hall to the current trailer for the school library and media center.  The trailer will be moved to the other side of campus. This will allow SVDP to have their own space and flexibility for the apostolate to the poor and underprivileged.

– The school library and media center will be relocated to classrooms inside the current school building.

– The Middle School will be relocated to a temporary building with four classrooms, to be placed between the PAC and the School.

– The Parish Offices will be relocated to a new 3000 sq ft office building to be called the Parish House, to be built on the upper side of the property across from the Old Rectory.

– The Parish Offices will move from their present location in Croghan Hall to the new Parish House.  Croghan Hall will become a Ministry Center.  No extensive renovations will be needed for the space to be used immediately for parish ministry purposes, as well as a Teachers’ Lounge for the School.

– The first phase of a new school building will be built adjacent to the present school.  The new building will be used for classroom space, but according to the Master Plan, it will eventually become the Administration Wing of the new building.

While Phase I is going on, the parish and school communities will begin a fundraising capital campaign for Phase II.

Estimated cost of Phase I: $1.0 – $1.2 million


Phase II (2-5 years)

– in Phase II, a new three floor school building will be built.  The shell of the building and the ground floor will be built.  The ground floor will include classroom space.

– in Phase II, the current School Building will be renovated with a view to enlarge classroom space.

While Phase II is being built, the parish and school communities will begin a fundraising campaign for Phase III.

Estimated cost five years out of Phase II: $6.0 – $6.5 million


Phase III (5-10 years)

 – in Phase III, the upper level of the new school building will be finished into a library, media center, cafetorium, and related arts space.

– in Phase III, the lower level of the new school building will finished into storage, utilities and more classrooms that can be configured for a variety of needed uses.

Estimated cost ten years out of Phase III: $3.0 $3.5 million


We Need Your Help

 Although we will be able to complete Phase I within short order with funds that have already been reserved for it, we will have added expenses for the day to day operating and maintenance of the new buildings.  We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider the level of your weekly offertory giving to Prince of Peace.  We suggest that 4{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} go to the parish offertory and 1{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  We encourage you to sign up now for automatic bank draft, which makes giving easy!

We will need the help of the entire Prince of Peace Parish and School community to complete Phases II and III.  The chief apostolate of our parish is Christian formation.  Our parish school is the cornerstone of that apostolate.  The new school building will provide the buildings for Christian formation to happen, for both school and parish.  When Prince of Peace Catholic School was started 12 years ago, it was a leap of faith.  The school has been phenomenally successful, beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  But the old Religious Education Building, which came to house the school, was never intended as a School Building.  Many of the parish activities which were taking place in that building stopped happening.  Now, we can bring those activities back, and also build a school designed for the purpose of Christian formation in mind.

We will be conducting a formal fundraising capital campaign in the very near future for phase II.  Ordinarily, we ask that each family in the parish give a tithe, 10{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} of their income to God: 4{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} to the parish, 1{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} to the Bishop, and 5{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} to a charity of your choice, privileging the charitable works we sponsor as a parish, like St Vincent de Paul.  In this new campaign, we will be asking that your charitable 5{c4398378a304f3b2e1704900800398d64ae0aef60e35a8c413448288646912f7} go to the building of the school.  It is a charitable work, because you will be building a space for future Catholics to be formed to carry on the work of the Church.

Why Should I Give?

 Even if you do not have children in Prince of Peace Catholic School, the school is the chief means by which we hand on the faith.  By your sacrificial giving to Phases II and III, you are ensuring that future generations of Catholic Christians will be formed right here at home.  Graduates of Catholic schools are involved, not only in passing on the faith handed down to them from Christ to the Apostles, but also contribute to the renewal of society.  Catholic schools light the way for the future by forming good citizens who are compassionate, eager bearers of truth to the world.  Everyone wants a legacy, something which will survive them.  Helping us build Prince of Peace Catholic School will be a legacy for both the Church and our Nation.  Come and be a part of it!