How to Make a Good Confession

5-6p Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

3.30-4.40p Saturday

General Absolution will be granted before Sunday Mass until Corpus Christi Sunday.

During the month of June, we’re giving everyone an opportunity to get caught up on confession: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5-6p and Saturday 3.30-4.30p. Please wait outside the Croghan Hall old church space in Parish House while each penitent goes in.

We encourage you to observe the following:
1. Confess only mortal sins since your last confession. Devotional or general confessions of past or venial sins can wait.
2. Wear a mask for your protection and Father’s and bring disinfecting wipes to quickly wipe down door handles and the kneeler or chair before you use it.
3. Get to the point: sins, not stories. This is not the time to seek spiritual direction. Number and kind of mortal sins, any aggravating circumstances.
4. Confessors will be very firm with the scrupulous.
5. Be considerate of others who are waiting for confession.
6. June is about trying to offer confession to everyone who needs it or who has received General Absolution since this began.