Tuesday-Friday at 12n (check the link for OF or EF)

After 1 June, the Daily Mass schedule will be as follows: Monday-Friday 7a OF & 12n EF; Saturday 8a EF until mid 2021.  That is subject to change.

  • On 12 May public Mass at POP resumed at 25% capacity for 4 weeks and told to block off every other pew.  We have space for a maximum of 300 people at this reduced capacity. Between 59-191 people, on average, attended one of the Sunday Masses last week.
  • The dispensation from the obligation to attend Holy Mass remains in force until further notice.  We encourage all who are in a high-risk category to continue to stay at home.
  • We ask that, if you come to church for Mass, please be cognizant of the 6 feet social distancing rule, not touching your face, recommend wearing a mask and/or gloves for protection, and carrying hand sanitizer.
  • Please do not come to church if you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness. And, plan to leave immediately after Mass without socializing.
  • Communion will be distributed. General Absolution will be granted before every celebration of Holy Mass until Pentecost. Holy Communion may be distributed at the side altars after Mass. The faithful are encouraged to continue to make a Spiritual Communion. Please wait in the middle of the transept behind the table for the offertory gifts maintaining 6’ distance  and then approach the rail in front of the minister.  Only the priests will distribute Holy Communion until we are open at 100%.
  • There will not be an opportunity to greet your priest until further notice.
  • The only entrance to be used will be the large wooden front doors, which will be left open before and during Mass for touchless entry and exit. Other doors will be locked.
  • The offertory baskets will be placed in central spaces. We recommend that you use our virtual collection basket.